Distance selling and consumer information

April 2011

Contract partner

IFA Internationale Flugambulanz e.V.
Flight-Ambulance-International (Germany) - IFA e.V.

Registered office: Gerberstraße 15, 04105 Leipzig, Germany
Telephone: +49 9195 / 89 62
Fax: +49 9195 / 76 79
Internet: http://www.ifa-flugambulanz.de
E-mail: info@ifa-flugambulanz.de

Board of directors: Jürgen Schlögel (Chairperson), Dr. Wolfgang Gruber, Jochen Schubert
Supervisory board: Dr. Mathias Rühl, Felicitas Schubert, Thomas Rebel

Register court: VR 898, Leipzig District Court

Essential features of the services provided

To fulfill the purpose of the association, the association provides the following services (according to Section 5 of its Articles of Association) to its members and other entitled parties (family members as defined by Section 3.1 of the Articles of Association):

(1) Services in the event of an accident or illness

a) Organization and absorption of the costs of ambulance flights from foreign countries to the most suitable hospital in the vicinity of the member's home.
b) Organization und absorption of the costs of domestic ambulance flights to the most suitable hospital in the vicinity of the member's home.
c) Organization and absorption of the costs for search and rescue flights for members and other entitled parties;
d) Organization and absorption of the costs of transferring the member and other entitled parties from a distant hospital to a local hospital of the patient's choice if care is required for social reasons, as long as the patient will be hospitalized for at least eight days and the doctor responsible/doctor chosen by the association has agreed to the transfer after reviewing the individual case.
e) Organization of the transport of accompanying entitled parties affected by the repatriation, pets, luggage and the member's car to the member's home.
f) In the cases mentioned above, return transportation will be provided in the event of an accident or illness while the member is traveling. A prerequisite for the obligation to render services is that the membership must have begun before the member travels.
g) Repatriation is available worldwide.
h) The association reserves the right to choose the most appropriate means of transport for the individual case. The means of transport will be chosen primarily in the interest of the patient's health.

(2) Services in the event of a death

a) Organization and absorption of costs of transporting the deceased patient to their last residential address.
b) Transfer of the deceased patient to a location requested by the patient before his or her death (or by the next of kin) if the burial location is within the country of the patient's nationality and further than 1,500 km from the last residential address of the deceased.

(3) Additional services

a) Maintaining an up-to-date website
b) Encouraging social contact between members
c) Providing travel advice for members (to the extent permitted by law) including creating protective medical care plans for travelers, especially for trips to developing countries.
d) Organizing informative events for members, especially relating to rescue services
e) Providing information to members on the delivery of medications, blood, and transplants.

Conclusion of the contract

As soon as the membership declaration is completed, signed and received by the association, the member is entitled to the services of the association.

The membership is finalized if the association does not reject the membership declaration within one month of receiving it, as stipulated by Section 3.3 of the Articles of Association. Membership cannot be rejected if the member – or an eligible member of their family in the case of family membership – requires repatriation after the membership application was made but before notification of the rejection is received.

If the membership is finalized, it will begin from the date of the membership application. The membership application can made be made in writing or any other form offered by the association.

If a member is in arrears regarding payment of membership fees, membership entitlement is suspended until payment is made. Membership can only be terminated by the association with due cause (for example non-payment of membership fees).

Minimum term and contract cancellation

The minimum term is stipulated in Section 3.7 of the Articles of Association.
Members are entitled to cancel their membership with a notice period of two years. Membership must be canceled in writing.

If a member has not paid one or more installments of membership fees for longer than three months despite a written reminder, the association can terminate the individual's membership with due cause.

Reservation of the right not to provide services if they are not available

If a service offered by the association is not available, the association will endeavor, within reason, to provide the member with an equivalent service.

Reservation of the right not to provide services if they are not available is not applicable.


The price for individual membership is currently 98 Euros per year.
The price for family membership is currently 120 Euros per year.


The membership fees are exempt from sales tax.

Delivery and shipping costs

Delivery and shipping costs are not charged by the IFA.

Payment and fulfillment of the contract

The fees are paid by the due date by collection from the bank account specified by the member.
In exceptional cases, payment by bank transfer to the association's bank account may be permitted (account no: 9007202, sort code: 200 100 20, Postbank Hamburg).

Right of withdrawal

According to Article 355 of the BGB (German Civil Code), the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days in accordance with our separate withdrawal instructions.

Telecommunication costs

The IFA bears all telecommunication costs which it incurs. The consumer is responsible for paying all telecommunication costs which they incur.
The IFA does not charge telecommunication costs incurred by the IFA to the consumer.

Validity period of information/services

This information on distance selling is valid until changes are officially announced.