Statutory health insurance organizations do not generally pay repatriation costs!

"Everyone should ensure that they are able to return home safely in the event of an accident or illness while abroad."

Statutory health insurance organizations do not pay for repatriation from abroad!

All holidaymakers should be aware of this. Even if a patient is in a life-threatening condition, statutory health insurance organizations in Germany do not have to pay for the repatriation of injured or sick holidaymakers – this was stipulated by the German Federal Social Security Court (file number 3 RK 75/77) and the law as stipulated in SGB V, Section 60.4 (German Social Code, Volume 5).

The reason for this: As many do not travel abroad on holiday, repatriation costs cannot be imposed on all members of society. If an individual can afford to travel abroad on holiday, they can also afford appropriate insurance.

Repatriating a patient from Antalya (Turkey) can quickly cause costs of up to 30,000 Euros. These costs are covered entirely by the IFA. An airlift to the local hospital – for example after a ski accident in Austria – must normally be paid for privately. The IFA also covers these transportation costs for its members.

This demonstrates the importance of IFA membership and protection!

Transportation within Germany

The IFA also organizes the necessary transfer after hospital admission in domestic cases, e.g. due to an accident or illness.

Statutory health insurance in Germany does not automatically cover such transfer costs, which can quickly add up to several thousand Euros.

The IFA provides a service that is missing from Germany's healthcare system.

Many companies are now also offering IFA membership as an additional social benefit for their employees.

Thousands of entitled members – mostly holidaymakers and business travelers – have placed their trust in the IFA for many years.