Organization and repatriation

The IFA organizes immediate repatriation on an individual basis, mostly via ambulance jet.

How is repatriation organized in a medical emergency?

  1. Notification: Call to the emergency center
    Firstly, the emergency center is alerted by telephone by the patient, the patient's next of kin or a first responder* of the patient's details, details of the illness or injury, the address of the hospital, and the doctor responsible.
    *You should always carry your emergency card with you so that details of your IFA membership and the services available to you can be found easily by first responders

  2. Information from the IFA medical team and consultation with the doctor abroad
    After immediately receiving these details, the IFA medical team clarify the diagnosis, recommend repatriation, and establish the suitability of the patient for transportation in consultation with the doctor abroad.
  3. Organization of the transfer
    The type of transfer (whether by helicopter or ambulance jet, for example) by the IFA's partners and the schedule are then specified.
  4. Organization of in-flight medical care
    An individual team of specialist doctors (and medical technicians) is organized for the flight. The on-board medical equipment is checked, and changes or additions are made where necessary to meet the specific needs of the patient (e.g. special cardiological equipment).
  5. Repatriation
    The patient is transported from the foreign hospital to a hospital in the patient's home country, where further treatment is then determined and arranged.